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1. Bejeweled Blitz (805,420 times)
2. 8-Letters Word (209,492 times)
3. Slidoword (141,570 times)
4. Word Blocks (121,311 times)
5. Chain Letters (116,447 times)
6. Twist Me Silly (111,533 times)
7. Bejeweled 2 Classic (109,439 times)
8. Puzzwords (92,554 times)
9. Word Grid (71,212 times)
10. Fill Zone (50,824 times)


1. Bloons 2 Christmas Pack (14,139 times)
2. Pimp My Sleigh (9,943 times)
3. Winter Bistro (10,192 times)
4. My Christmas Tree (9,753 times)
5. Santas Deed (9,536 times)
6. Crazy Santa Racer (10,014 times)
7. Escape Christmas Room (8,836 times)
8. Santa Rider 2 (8,617 times)
9. Rome Puzzle (26,399 times)
10. Slidoword (141,570 times)

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1. Joshua (2,828 plays)
2. wordgame (2,551 plays)
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4. akamilie (2,327 plays)
5. varsha17 (2,121 plays)
6. princess (1,498 plays)
7. chinamom (1,209 plays)
8. dsaccullo (1,108 plays)
9. yutopop (1,101 plays)
10. ragini (883 plays)


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 Avatar Elemental Escape
Avatar Elemental Escape
Help Aang, Katara and Toph escape from a Fire Nation prison
(Played: 9,282)
 Prison Break
Prison Break
Try to break the prison!!! make your way throw the dark tunnels and secret ro...
(Played: 8,353)
Alarm Clock Scramble
Alarm Clock Scramble
Help Mickey stop the alarm clocks going off and waking the town.
(Played: 6,164)
The trick is to stay away from the other balls and bump into the ones that sa...
(Played: 6,512)
Barcode Bedlam
Barcode Bedlam
Use your mouse to aim at targets around the room and click to scan the barcod...
(Played: 2,167)
Boulder Basher
Boulder Basher
Save your village from the Evil Green Giants. Draw the lines to stop the rock...
(Played: 2,489)
Cure Lohan
Cure Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is sick and you need to shoot her with syringe to make Lohan we...
(Played: 2,561)
Fetch n Stretch
Fetch n Stretch
Variation of old classic Snake with a limousine. Drive your limo, pick up pas...
(Played: 2,146)
Power Swing
Power Swing
Get your opponent off of the cliff and watch out for that eagle!
(Played: 5,484)
Sharpshooter's Fair
Sharpshooter's Fair
Make your way through the three levels by simply shooting the targets. Avoid...
(Played: 2,372)
Help Squeaky to collect all the oil bottles. Jump throw the stage and avoid t...
(Played: 2,068)
The Cyborg
The Cyborg
Kill all the enemy scumbags before they get you! Try to clear all 3 levels wi...
(Played: 2,498)
The Day The Office Melted
The Day The Office Melted
Using your mouse to click on various objects, you must cool items down to sto...
(Played: 2,604)