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1. Bejeweled Blitz (789,623 times)
2. 8-Letters Word (203,842 times)
3. Slidoword (140,032 times)
4. Word Blocks (119,885 times)
5. Chain Letters (112,675 times)
6. Bejeweled 2 Classic (106,595 times)
7. Twist Me Silly (99,934 times)
8. Puzzwords (91,697 times)
9. Word Grid (70,048 times)
10. Fill Zone (49,772 times)


1. Bloons 2 Christmas Pack (12,789 times)
2. Pimp My Sleigh (8,974 times)
3. Winter Bistro (9,219 times)
4. My Christmas Tree (8,798 times)
5. Santas Deed (8,603 times)
6. Crazy Santa Racer (9,254 times)
7. Escape Christmas Room (8,079 times)
8. Santa Rider 2 (7,861 times)
9. Rome Puzzle (25,263 times)
10. Slidoword (140,032 times)

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1. Joshua (2,828 plays)
2. wordgame (2,551 plays)
3. robingantt (2,356 plays)
4. akamilie (2,327 plays)
5. varsha17 (2,121 plays)
6. princess (1,498 plays)
7. chinamom (1,209 plays)
8. dsaccullo (1,108 plays)
9. yutopop (1,101 plays)
10. ragini (883 plays)


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Sponge Bob Square Pants: Dutchmans Dash
Sponge Bob Square Pants: Dutchmans Dash
Another Sponge Bob adventure. Use your special attacks and bonuses to pass th...
(Played: 3,436)
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants
Enter Sponge Bob's aquatic world and venture through doing odd jobs and stran...
(Played: 2,760)
Superman Metropolis Defender
Superman Metropolis Defender
Save the world again! You have to destroy the meteors before they hit the gro...
(Played: 2,868)
The Battle Of The Belch
The Battle Of The Belch
Chose your character and click the belly as fast as possible for longest burp.
(Played: 2,171)
The Cobblebot Caper
The Cobblebot Caper
Be the hero once more and defeat all the bad guys to save the Gotham city.
(Played: 7,193)
The Lion King Crocodile Adventure
The Lion King Crocodile Adventure
Jump on the crocodiles to save your friend. Get Kiara across the river and sa...
(Played: 2,949)
The Simpson Maker
The Simpson Maker
Be Simpson once in your life and enjoy!! Change the look of Bart and Hommer.
(Played: 2,125)
Tom & Jerry
Tom & Jerry
Place the mousetraps on the correct positions to make it work.
(Played: 2,377)
Tom & Jerry Bowling
Tom & Jerry Bowling
Tom and Jerry are bowling, so join them in the game!
(Played: 5,347)
Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry
Place the mousetraps on the correct positions to make it work. Catch the mice...
(Played: 2,636)
Cheese and more cheese! Be Jerry and chase Tom for once!!
(Played: 2,465)
Tweety Zombies
Tweety Zombies
What does Sylvester have nightmares about ? Help him to beat all the zombies ...
(Played: 1,875)